Monday, January 23, 2006

Link Your Ass to My Foot!

More link exchange bullshit as this excerpt was one of the best lately:

Dear Dipshit,

We are pleased to inform you that your website has been listed in our site

You can find your link at:

Links exchange means that you need to put reciprocal link to us.

Preferrable on this page

Our robot have checked this page for 5 times but our link wasn't found.

Threats about not linking to us and losing your link blah blah I think I shit my pants etc.
Guess what?

Your robot can use that phillips head screwdriver attachment and thoroughly fuck itself.

What kind of morons are harassing me with this nonsense?

I'll link to your web site about the same time I become a rock star and my balls start slapping Pamela Anderson's ass after a concert which is NEVER!!!

Now go away, eat shit and die, leave me alone.


Anonymous said...

Such a rant, and the guy asked so nicely.

Jan said...

Can I copy/paste this to use as my response to automated link requests, please?

IncrediBILL said...

Feel free, quote away!

Tell 'em Bill sent you LOL

Anonymous said...

You write almost like but not quite. Good try.

casey ryan said...

Thats the best rant I've heard in forever.