Saturday, July 28, 2007

Keniki Has Meltdown on Matt's Blog

The comments on most blogs aren't that amusing in and of themselves until one of the blog posters goes right off the deep end and has a meltdown.

The recipient of this meltdown and flamefest is no less than good old Matt Cutts himself.

First Matt posts that he's booted someone from his blog and Keniki chimed in about dreaming of being the recipient of such action:

keniki Said,
July 20, 2007 @ 4:23 pm

I tuned in thinking it was probably me. To be honest I’d welcome it. Its not been easy seeing one of my sites ripped apart by proxy servers , scraped bowled and hijacked and it sent me into to a over the edge at times.

Matt I think you should apply the same filter to Keniki. I am probably going to quit the net anyway and you should delete my stuff, I was pretty pissed when I wrote most of it.
OK, how does one "quit the net"?

Yank the cables off the back of the computer?

Smash the wireless Centrino chip in the laptop?

Then a couple of days later Keniki goes full tilt:
keniki Said,
July 27, 2007 @ 9:31 pm

[...] FUCK that google the site also showed hidden content and deceptive redirects. It seems rules do not apply if you show google adsense, the passport of spam.
Immediately followed by:
keniki Said,
July 27, 2007 @ 9:44 pm

Its all bullshit isn’t it google, you couldn’t give a stuff about quality results its all about the money now isn’t it. Your spam team are told not to touch results that carry google ads.

Someone woke up with their knickers in a knot didn't they!

Looks like a self-fulfilling prophecy in action about having Matt delete your posts.

I must say I'm shocked that people would be so rude and vent at a company employee that actually tries to help people on his own time.

This is a prime example why most company employees don't publicly admit, not on a blog anyway, who they work for as it's just too dangerous to paint such a bullseye on your back for anyone and everyone to come and attack you just for being a small cog in a giant wheel.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this little melodrama plays out.

Anyone giving Vegas odds on whether Matt boots Keniki?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1-More Scraper Tool

These scrapers are like locusts and here's another $19 pile of crap called 1-More Scanner that bounced off one of my sites today.

The user agent was "1-More Scanner v1.25" and it claims it can "Download images, MP3 or any file from any site!" which is an awfully big claim for something that didn't get a single page.

The only amusing part is a feature for "Proxy-support" which will just help me update my proxy list when I see it attempt to crawl via a bunch of proxy IPs, thanks for the help!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Site Scraping for DreamWeaver

Now there's a DreamWeaver plug-in that makes scraping easy for dummies.

If you have no web skills just use Site Import and rip off an entire site at once.

Why learn how to design a site, create your own content, or any of that nonsense when you can just quickly and rapidly download someone's site instead?

This is cute:

No limit retrieval

With Site Import 2.0 you can import as many pages from a site as you'd like – no more limits!
That's a nice theory until a bot blocker shuts your import down in mid-scrape.

And my personal fave:

Learn from the pros

Learning by example is a time-honored tradition on the Web
I'm not sure that stealing is a time-honored tradition even if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And last but not least:

Dynamic and database-driven sites, too!

Site Import works its magic with all kinds of Web sites – including those developed with ASP, ColdFusion, PHP or even .NET.
Grab your ankles and bend over while it extracts hundreds of thousands of pages from your database-driven site and pushes you over your monthly bandwidth allotment.

Don't know what user agent they use for this process but I'm pretty sure my sites (not this blog) are pretty safe from this shit except for the first few pages scraped while determining it's not a human at the controls.

FuckedCompany Died in June

About a year ago I reported that FuckedCompany was fucked, but it suddenly seemed to have a little more gas left in it and they started posting regularly again. However, it looks like that gas ran out as they quit updating the site on 6/8/2007 so it's probably dead for good this time.

FuckedCompany's site owner Pud, of AdBrite fame, is still posting on his blog but it appears he's given up on FuckedCompany, so I guess I'll give up on it as well.

Guess it's time to delete that bookmark.

See ya!