Friday, April 13, 2007

Don Imus Joins Ranks of Unemployed

I've always hated Imus and just the sound of his voice and his idiotic bullshit made me want to smash radios.

Then those idiots over at MSNBC decided to put that stupid fucker on TV so the country could see that walking corpse spew bullshit in living color. That was the last day I ever watched MSNBC simply because it wasn't worth the risk of accidentally seeing that past-the-expiration-date walking organ donor still polluting the tube.

Now, thank the gods, he has aimed his prejudiced venom at the wrong bunch of women and not only has MSNBC gained a potential viewer when they canceled his dawn-of-the-dead carcass but CBS then followed suit and booted his old dusty ass to the curb.

Bye bye Imus, I won't miss you one fucking bit.

TIP FOR IMUS: Don't call the lady processing your unemployment claim a "nappy-headed ho" or she'll slap your ass into next week.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Webaroo's Content Stealing PulseBot Flatlined

If you've never seen Webaroo before, the concept of copyright obviously has been completely glossed over.

Here's what it says on their website:

Webaroo servers crawl the web, analyze web pages and automatically select the subset of pages with the greatest diversity and quality in the least storage size. These pages are then packaged into topic-specific "Web Packs" that can be downloaded by users onto their devices. Once downloaded, users can search and browse that content on the go.
Here's an English to English translation:
Webaroo takes whatever copyrighted content of yours we want and repackage it for our customers without permission. Of course we do it without permission because nobody knows about Webaroo in the first place so they won't stop us or the many bot names. Isn't it cool how we're going to steal your shit and pack it up so others can download it and now they don't even need to bother visiting your website? Wicked!
Look at the total number of bot names coming from their crawler's IP address. "WebarooBot (Webaroo Bot;" "PiyushBot (Piyush Web Miner;" "RufusBot (Rufus Web Miner;" "RufusBot (Rufus Web Miner;" "SumeetBot (Sumeet Bot;" "PsBot (PsBot;" "pulseBot (pulse Web Miner)"
Hell, if you were trying to stop them using robots.txt it's a lost cause as the bot names seem to get changed faster than a baby's diaper.

I would just block their range of IP's, it's more convenient.
Webaroo MFN-B843-64-124-122-224-27 (NET-64-124-122-224-1) -
That's how you stop name changing bots, the firewall way.

Package THAT into a topic-specific "Web Pack" and download it.

Prius Damages Planet Worse Than SUVs

I'm sure a few of you have read the report that the actual environmental damage caused by a Prius is worse than a Hummer, but in case you haven't, go read this article. I'm not saying that the concept of a Prius is bad, nor is trying to save some gas bad, but when you stack up the total environmental damage caused by the Prius manufacturing process vs. the meager savings to the end user, it's damn near criminal.

Bet you Prius users feel good about saving some gas in your wallet while driving an overpriced vehicle that has already caused more harm to the environment than the average car had you driven it instead.

Now that you've read it and are more educated about the situation, if you actually own a Prius, you should take it back to your Toyota dealer and demand a refund purely on the ethics of this so-called environmentally friendly car. If they refuse to give you your money back, I'm wondering what a Judge in a court of law would say if someone sued to get a refund about being mislead about the environmental impact of the Prius.

Hey, it's just a matter of time and we all know Americans love to sue.

Besides, the environmentally hopped up fanatics won't admit they made any mistake in the first place or they'll tell you they're all too busy getting people to sign a petition to ban the chemical H2O which is getting into all the water supplies.

Fucking tree hugging naive planet killers, don't you just love 'em?