Thursday, August 13, 2009

Screwed of Prize by IMCharity Party

Yeah, that's right, I'm going to rant about a charity party.

However, before I rant, I'm going to 1st say it was REAL FUN and I had a REAL GOOD TIME and I'm wondering why the place wasn't packed way more than it was and where all you cheap SEM/SEO bastards were that could've contributed to the IMCharity?

Anyway, on with the rant...

After shelling out $50 to get inside which is nothing, it's for a good cause, I decide to go crazy and donate another $20 for the raffle which is supposed to give you 20 tickets.

This short little lady who's arms couldn't even hope to be 20 tickets long unrolls a "bunch" of tickets and hands them to me.

She walks away before I realize I've only got 18 tickets, not the 20 for $20 she advertised. How fucking hard is it to count out 5 and then fold them over 4 times for 20 tickets? It's not, it's easy peasy and quick.

Sure enough, the 20th fucking ticket won a prize and some other cocksucker had my mother fucking ticket!

I didn't actually want the prize, probably would've given it to a friend at the party, but the point was I wanted to WIN the fucking prize in order to give it to the friend!

$20 for 18 tickets, what the fuck!

They raised over $10,000 for Doctors Without Borders and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

That's wonderful work, but I still want my other 2 tickets which had the fucking winning goddamn ticket!

Hell, isn't it bad enough I actually have Lymphoma that I then get shorted 2 fucking tickets?

Anyway, great party, had a blast, even if I didn't get all my goddamn winning mother fucking tickets.

See you all at the next IM Charity! ;)