Saturday, July 07, 2007

Too Much FyberSpider In My Site's Diet

Found this FyberSpider thing that used to crawl from a Comcast address and has apparently grown up and is crawling from a real dedicated server now.

The ip was and the reverse DNS claims to be and sure enough there something called FyberSearch with what appears to be a functional search page. The results actually appear to be populated with data collected from their crawl, trade secret, don't ask.

It asked for robots.txt but doesn't have the user agent set properly so it won't get past many bot blockers, assuming it actually honors robots.txt, until they fix that little bug. "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0" "Python-urllib/1.15" "GET / HTTP/1.0" "FyberSpider"
Here's the data center info if you want to block it:
OrgName: JTL Networks Inc.
NetRange: -
The search page has issues finding words in the one page I allowed to be indexed so I'm not terribly impressed, NEXT!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Al Gore's Son Arrested in Harrowing Hybrid Hijinx

I've never let anyone else post a guest article here before but this is just so true and so funny it needed to be shared with my readers.


Guest post by Larry.

so al gore's son got arrested. again. the story has one detail that is so unbelievable that they should probably throw the entire case out.

is it unbelievable that al gore's son was arrested?


is it unbelievable that al gore's son was arrested again? for the second or third time?


is it unbelievable that al gore's son was arrested for the third time on penny ante drug charges?


is it unbelievable that al 3 was smoking marijuana in his car in the middle of the night?


is it unbelievable that he had some prescription drugs in the car with him?


is it unbelievable that some drugs includes quantities of xanax, valium, vicodin, adderall and soma?


is it unbelievable that of the prescriptions for some xanax, valium, vicodin, adderall and soma, none were in his name?


is it unbelievable that he was driving at 2 a.m.?


is it unbelievable that he was driving his prius at 100 miles per hour?

damn right it is.

100 mph in a prius? maybe if he drove it off a cliff and it was in free fall or scotty was beaming it up. down the road with tires on the pavement, i'd have to see it to believe it. clearly the whole case lacks probable cause for the traffic stop. it's a set up. bush making sure al doesn't get in the race. cause you know in this country you can't be president if your son is a jackass. wait so how did 41 get in? case dismissed, bogus traffic stop. they should have said, failed to signal a lane change like they usually do when they want to do illegal stops.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Google Proxy Hijacking - Myths, Urban Legends and Raw Truths

If you aren't a regular Webmaster World reader then you probably missed the most recent incarnation on the Google Proxy Hijacking situation where I had to step in and correct a lot of misinformation about Proxy Hijacking.

Go read the following:
Proxy Server URLs Can Hijack Your Google Ranking

Lots of good information there once you weed through all the misconceptions.

If you read that entire thread and still have any questions, feel free to ask!