Friday, April 28, 2006

Jews for sale!

Who'll start the bidding at 10 shekels, do I hear 15?

That's right, some dumb fuck didn't filter out the plural of kike on Google Adwords and some dumber fuck is now trying to sell them on eBay.

Oy vey!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Microsoft Promotes Web Theft

Microsoft is promoting a whole page full of offline browsers just to help people steal shit.

They gleefully promote it too:

Quickly and efficiently download entire sites or sections of a site for viewing and browsing when you are not connected to the Internet.
Just what we need is a major corporation sticking some shit like this in front of people's faces that may not even be aware such tools existed in the first place. That's right, America's largest software company has become the Pied Piper of scraping websites.

Any words of caution about copyright, that your IP may get banned for abusive practices or anything else?

Hell no.

Hey Microsoft, you gonna pay for my web hosting bill when the assholes that download all these offline browsers blow my fucking server out of the water with ridiculously high bandwidth abuse?

I didn't think so.

Well, fuck you Microsoft, just fuck you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

India Link Whores Just Don't Understand

It's the spring link season once again and all the India link whores are out doing their ritualistic website link mating dance. Unfortunately, the shit they want me to link to would be like trying to mate a monkey with a goat, wrong species pal, nothing going to come from this attempt to defy nature.

Here's a slightly modified version of the most recent link blackmail to conceal the identity of the clueless asshole:

Hi webmaster,

We have already added your site to our resource page long back.

However, we just visited your site and we still do not find the reciprocal link to our site. If we do not found our reciprocal link we will remove your site link from our resouce page. Please confirm the url where the link is posted as soon as possible to allow us keep your link.

Title :- Spamming link whores at nominal rates.

Description :- We don't fucking understand that people don't like off topic links, link to us or we'll add your link to and then you'll be screwed

URL :-

We look forward to receiving this information promptly.

Stoopidja Dumbfukja
Not only was the site completely off topic, the whole fucking thing was ORANGE, even a significant amount of the text!

My eyes started bleeding the minute I saw that shit and I couldn't tell if my link was on their site or not, but it didn't really matter as I told them to take their link and shove it up their ass sideways.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Crawl my site, go to jail, it's the law.

Who the hell put open season on my website?

Not talking about this blog, but the website that pays my bills and shit.

It's NOT a free articles site, plainly posted copyright notices, technology is in place to stop assholes dead in their tracks and they just keep coming.

Did someone post a sign on the internet that I've never seen that says:

The other day I wrote some dry ass bullshit about data mining and then followed it up with some boring assed statistics I've been collecting but suddenly something changed and the amount of thieves hitting the site is suddenly going off the charts compared to a month ago.

Let's put this into perspective:

If my website were a grocery store and these assholes were looters or shoplifters the shelves would be bare, the clerks would be guarding the doors with shotguns, the police would have the place surrounded and the parking lot blocked off and a riot squad would be firing rubber bullets and cracking skulls of people trying to get away with th loot.

The local jails, needless to say, would be overflowing.

I realize there is no physical theft involved like the grocery store example above, and I also realize putting something out on a public network invites a certain amount of risk, and lunatics from the fringe, but when you install barriers and roadblocks to stop that activity and they just keep coming it's beyond and above what falls under 'normal access' and is well into some serious realms of abuse and harassment.

But this is just 'copyright infringement' and 'bandwidth theft', right?

Well, maybe it is when you identify yourself as robot and behave in an acceptable way that allows me, the webmaster, to stop you with reasonable efforts. However, when you mask to conceal the nature of your visit, change the identity of the crawler, and then attempt to crawl undetected and bypass mechanisms such as firewalls put in place to stop your activity, then TECHNICALLY this becomes hacking.

Isn't hacking to gain unwanted access a FUCKING CRIME?

I'm thinking someone needs to make a test case on this and just bypass copyright altogether and try filing a criminal complaint against them for hacking and see what happens.

I have a simple case I could use to test this theory already, as initially I put simple roadbloacks in place for humans to get past just waiting to see when the bandits would code around it, and sure enough they did a few months later. Then of course I made it harder and I'm waiting to see if they'll take a shot at bypassing this roadblock as well. Don't worry, there are deadbolts I can install to keep them out if needed, but my current cat and mouse game is more fun and useful to learn from as they expose the level of their technology.

OK, since I put a lock on the door that stopped the unwelcome technology that was hitting my site and someone deliberately programmed to bypass it, isn't that technically hacking?

I'm thinking it's just about time to drop some money on a lawyer to see where this idea stands within the definition of the U.S. laws on hacking as a crime as it would be nice just to scare the shit out of the local scrapers.

Not to mention it would sure be a cool to put a logo on my site that basically explains to these assholes:

"Crawl my site, go to jail, it's the law."

Who am I kidding?

Some asshole in some foreign country would just start a whole new business selling scraping services or pre-scraped websites if they aren't doing it already.

Then we're right back to fighting copyright infringement.

PicGrabAss Image Theft Technology

Some fuckers on a website far, far away have a product called PicGrabber that let's you quickly and easily crawl a website and steal every picture, movie, and any other goddamn thing that isn't bolted to the walls and nailed down to the fucking floor.

Their slogan is:

PICgrabber - The software that finds millions of free movies and free pictures for you!
And catch this "feature" list:
  • Scans the web with Keywords
  • Scans any given start URL
  • Downloads all found Images / Movies / MP3 automatically'
Shows up in your log file as:
Mozilla/PICgrabber - (
Luckily their little grand theft tool got nothing but bitch slapped with error messages.

Hey PicGrabber, try my slogan: FUCK YOU!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Live Servers Update

The more IPs I block from this group, they just seem to move to a new block of IPs. All are being hosted by and they just using block after block and keep on coming.

The current ranges being blocked are as follows:

These ranges never send any traffic with the exception of multiple crawlers from the same block at the same time and all IPs appear to be pointing back to a server farm so I'm recommending you just block 'em.

More IP updates on this group as they become available.