Tuesday, April 25, 2006

India Link Whores Just Don't Understand

It's the spring link season once again and all the India link whores are out doing their ritualistic website link mating dance. Unfortunately, the shit they want me to link to would be like trying to mate a monkey with a goat, wrong species pal, nothing going to come from this attempt to defy nature.

Here's a slightly modified version of the most recent link blackmail to conceal the identity of the clueless asshole:

Hi webmaster,

We have already added your site to our resource page
http://www.OFFTOPICBULLSHIT.com/ long back.

However, we just visited your site and we still do not find the reciprocal link to our site. If we do not found our reciprocal link we will remove your site link from our resouce page. Please confirm the url where the link is posted as soon as possible to allow us keep your link.

Title :- Spamming link whores at nominal rates.

Description :- We don't fucking understand that people don't like off topic links, link to us or we'll add your link to Jihad.com and then you'll be screwed


We look forward to receiving this information promptly.

Stoopidja Dumbfukja
Not only was the site completely off topic, the whole fucking thing was ORANGE, even a significant amount of the text!

My eyes started bleeding the minute I saw that shit and I couldn't tell if my link was on their site or not, but it didn't really matter as I told them to take their link and shove it up their ass sideways.


Anonymous said...

huh oh! you said 'jihad'. watch for the secret squirrel bots.


Anonymous said...

I've got to confess. . . I take the email addresses from these dumb f's and put them in an invisible div tag on the page that I serve up to scrapers :)

IncrediBILL said...

That's a fucking hysterical idea putting link whore email addresses on a website for spambots to gobble up.

Wish I came up with that one, good job!

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, Bill, Please don't stop writing in this blog!

I get the biggest kick out of your writing style and some of the shit you say just makes my day!

Keep at it please.

Anonymous said...

One other thing I left off. . .

Two other types of bs I put on the scraper page:

1. Autogenerated recip link spam requests. Spam me for a backlink and you'll have your email served up to 300-400 scrapers a day.


2. Nigerian Scammer emails. I get a lot of pleasure out of this one. It's almost impossible to stop these SOBs but at least I can have their email accounts filled up with Viagra, Penis Enlargement & other competing scam emails . .

I know its working becasue I put free email account on the page and it's getting over 1,500 spams a day!

And Bill I agree with the previous commenter. . Please don't stop blogging. . Your writing style and posts are hysterical(sp?) & informative.


Anonymous said...

You actually follow the links?
It has to be a pretty darn good letter for me to click the link - can't remember the last time I did....