Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where have all the blog posts gone?

Sometimes I just have to take a little time out to make some freak'n money people. I'm not ignoring you, I'm still here, but there are days when I get so focused on doing actual work that the rants go unpublished. Besides, not all of us have the stamina to read such long winded minutia, let alone the time to write it.

Additionally, I'm getting prepared to go out and rub elbows with people that have venture cash tonight and see if there's any interest in my little project to take back control of the web. If I don't come back with a bunch of biz cards from tonight's little party just shoot me.

A few topics on my mind:

  1. It was nice to see common sense prevail when a Judge kicked KinderStart in the ass.
  2. Microsoft seems to be taking aim at Made for AdSense aka SPAM sites.
  3. Someone sued the Internet Archive for stealing her site.
Fun fun fun.