Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crawlers of the Dumbed

OK, so I slapped some javascript in all my links just for shits and giggles to make sure it was REALLY a human and sure enough some dumb fuck is now attempting to crawl my site with "OnClick", "OnMouseDown", and other stupid shit as part of the URL.

My god the 12 year olds writing these crawlers aren't as smart as 12 year olds used to be.

FrontPage theft THWARTED

Lazy assed stealing webmaster used to just aim FrontPage at my site and lift a web page, steal layouts, whatever they did, but that was THEN.

THIS is NOW and my bot blocker slammed their head into the wall:

BAD_AGENT: x.x.x.x requested 1 pages as "MSFrontPage/4.0"
Too fucking bad, learn to code your own goddamn webpages you fucking freak!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogger ALSO Busted all to Hell

In more news of broken Google property, Blogger's edit mode has been FUCKED for a couple of weeks and I assumed someone would fix it but I was sadly mistaken.

It used to work just fine but most of the time now when I edit a previous post in Firefox or Netscape it just hangs as the Blogger code spins out of control and I have to kill the browser. The only way I can edit in those two browsers most of the time, starting a couple of weeks ago, is to copy the entire article into a new post, edit and save which seems to work.

When you edit in Blogger on Internet Explorer it's doing something completely different and chews up articles, trashes the HTML, jacks up fonts and all sorts of fun shit.

Basically, other than the original first time posting, using Blogger to edit in it's current state can be a death sentence to your post.

Based on all the crap posted in Blogger by illiterate people that can't even tell when they make actual spelling mistakes, let alone attempt to edit them, this problem probably hasn't even been reported as nobody else has noticed.

Funny, I don't see the word BETA on Blogger and if it was, it would be a piss poor Beta at the moment.

Google Exact Phrase Search is BUSTED ALL TO HELL!

Have you done any exact phrase searches in Google lately?

It's serving up all sorts of off topic shit, I mean, it's really busted.

Couple of examples of topics from this blog:

Do a search on "Lava Pockets" and you get crap liks this in listing #13:

Take Five - The Boston Globe(Correction: Because of a photographer's error, the names of two members of the Click Five were transposed in some edition's of Sunday's Arts ... - 41k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages
Neither the word LAVA or POCKET are even on that page

Even b
etter is "Florida Drinks Cat Piss" with 99% of the results complete shit!

Let's examine the #2 result:
eg Forums -> Pretentious bottle--ordinary wineOutline · [ Standard ] · Linear+. Pretentious bottle - - ordinary wine. Track this topic | Email this topic | Print this topic ... - 71k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

That's right, nothing on that page about Florida whatsoever but the irony of wine coming up doing a search for cat piss certainly didn't pass me by.

Hey Google, you even know about SQA?

That's Software Quality Assurance for those that don't know, and I can recommend some very good people if you need them down at Google.

Some freaky shit

OK, today when I was taking a shower a very loud noise happened in the bathroom, nearly jumped out of my skin. Looked out and the door was still shut, so the cat hadn't been in the room and the wife was at work.

When I got out of the shower it turned out a tall perfume bottle, one that has sat in the same spot for ages, just randomly fell over and bounced on the counter top.

What the fuck?

I immediately thought perhaps it was an earthquake jolt but the dining room chandelier wasn't swinging, and it swings for the mildest of jolts, so I'm not sure what's going on at this point.

Just what I need, ghosts in the crapper, nothing the aftermath of a good mexican lunch won't scare away.