Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogger ALSO Busted all to Hell

In more news of broken Google property, Blogger's edit mode has been FUCKED for a couple of weeks and I assumed someone would fix it but I was sadly mistaken.

It used to work just fine but most of the time now when I edit a previous post in Firefox or Netscape it just hangs as the Blogger code spins out of control and I have to kill the browser. The only way I can edit in those two browsers most of the time, starting a couple of weeks ago, is to copy the entire article into a new post, edit and save which seems to work.

When you edit in Blogger on Internet Explorer it's doing something completely different and chews up articles, trashes the HTML, jacks up fonts and all sorts of fun shit.

Basically, other than the original first time posting, using Blogger to edit in it's current state can be a death sentence to your post.

Based on all the crap posted in Blogger by illiterate people that can't even tell when they make actual spelling mistakes, let alone attempt to edit them, this problem probably hasn't even been reported as nobody else has noticed.

Funny, I don't see the word BETA on Blogger and if it was, it would be a piss poor Beta at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Gee Bill, bust out $7 for a domain name and run your own stuff instead of relying on third party tech infrastructure.
If the $7 is an issue, try running adsense on your site to pay for it.

IncrediBILL said...

Yeah yeah yeah...

I have a domain, I'm just too lazy to move all this shit. Wasn't an issue until someone fucked up the Edit feature.

Besides, with the language I use AdSense would spit out nothing but PSAs.

baraqyal said...

Solution: Switch to Opera.

I haven't had any problems.

IncrediBILL said...

Opera *IS* a problem.

Trying to edit the blog would be the least of my issues then.

Anonymous said...

You could always be a real programmer and edit by using the switches on the console.

It sure as hell cuts out a lot of those stupid software layers.

What's that you say no console switches, well damn it all, why did you buy a cheap computer?