Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Men Not Working - Slow Blog Ahead

After a few weeks it might seem like I've given up on the blog but that's hardly the case.

Just been using my blogging efforts in other places, stirring the pot here and there, and taking some heat for stupid comments.

If you missed some of the fun try these threads for giggles

Something AdSense:
Google Bugs May Contribute to Lower AdSense Income

Something Linux:
Making easy graph XML output from log files
Instantly List All Outbound Links

Something for Bot Blockers:
MJ12Bot Agrees To Try Bot Validation

Our old buddy Lord Majestic agreed to try to implement a simple way to allow webmasters to validate MJ12BOT's distributed crawler and avoid all those fake MJ12BOTs that are climbing in the backdoor spoofing MJ12's user agent.

So you can see things are happening, just not happening here at the moment!

If you get bored, just come over to Twitter and kick me in the nads, it seems to keep the people happy when you give them what they want.