Thursday, October 09, 2008

SEOMoz's New Linkscape Creates Webmaster Backlash

10/06/08 - A day that will live in internet infamy when a prominent internet company caught millions of webmasters off guard and sent shockwaves around cyberspace.

The event that caused this uproar was the launch of Linkscape with supposedly 30 billion pages indexed that stunned even the most savvy webmasters because they didn't see it crawling and were totally taken by surprise.

This new snooping SEO tool is billed as "An Index of the World Wide Web – 30 billion pages (and growing!), refreshed monthly" which has left webmasters that are already battered and abused by a massive onslaught of automated bots more angry than ever.

The internet entitlement mentality thinks that all webmasters have unlimited bandwidth and CPU and that anything that's online should just be taken without regard to the consequences.

Webmasters will no longer tolerate Indexation Without Representation and are moving to regain control over their sites, their content, and their competitive intelligence. Many webmasters that previously called bot blockers paranoid draconian control freaks are now crying for solutions to high profile marauders raiding their sites and reaping large profits. Now that the tide has turned the webmasters are preparing for the revolution with new sites such as the NoArchive Initiative, better bot blocking scripts, honey pots and much more.

Even a competitive site called MajesticSEO which provides a similar product actually gives Free multiple page reports on your domains if you register and prove you own the site which is at least a symbiotic relationship and not completely parasitic.

However, not only doesn't Linkscape give anything back to the webmaster for allowing your site to be crawled, or mined for competitive intelligence, they actually increased the price $30 to access their tools so you actually have to pay more for the privilege of being crawled to see your own data!

New Pricing, featuring three levels of PRO membership depending on the size and needs of our members. Current PRO members need not worry - you'll be grandfathered in at the current price level. We're just creating two new echelons for those who need access to more. If you'd like to lock in at the current price level ($49/month), I won't stop you :-)
So what benefit do we all get from all this?

For a monthly fee our competitors can see everything we do in infinite detail.

Wow! That's a benefit?

Sorry, but that just doesn't play homey.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vote for the Best Tattoo - Neil Patel vs. IncrediBILL

Neil Patel has been making some noise about a lady friend getting his name tattooed her lower back as the ultimate sign of success.

Not to be outdone, one of my bot blocking fan girls stepped up to the ink for this IncrediBILL asstravaganza tattoo.

So which is the best tattoo?

You be the judge!