Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Shopping Online Makes Green Sense

Millions of people drive to stores daily wasting much more combined gas than that one scheduled delivery truck that drives by your house daily so why not just shop online, save time, gas, money, and for now ... taxes!

Where to get good deals.

Walmart will ship you clothing direct to your door for as little as $0.97!
You can't afford to drive to Walmart for that price! and Zappos will ship your shoes for free.
I wear a 10.5 2E, which almost nobody stocks in brick and mortar stores. I could drive around town all day and still not find what I'm looking for OR get free shipping for what's immediately in stock that's easy to locate within minutes. Prime shipping for a low $79 annual fee.
We buy a lot of stuff from Amazon and it shows up in 2 days for a small annual shipping fee. It's so convenient it's down right scary because anything we want just shows up in 2 days. With the local California taxes up to about 10% it doesn't require \much online shopping to cover the cost of that $79 fee either.

Groceries delivered for as little as $6.95!
Considering not everyone has a car this is cheaper than taking a taxi or even a bus to go shopping. For those busy people on the go it's a serious time saver, well worth the price and for those lazy people, it'll keep your ass on the sofa glued to the tube longer for a small fee. Seriously consider when you tip the pizza guy $5 for delivering a single pizza that your entire grocery order could be delivered, including a fresh deli pizza ready for baking!

Seriously people, I'm finding it easier and easier to live in a cave and avoid the crowded roads and stores thanks to the internet.

All my income is direct deposit, no trips to the banks.

Most of my bills, as many as possible, come electronically to avoid all the piles of paper.

All my bills are paid by BillPay, no stamps, envelopes, no trip to the post office.

Clothing and shoes just randomly show up at the door.

Computer memory upgrades just appear tax free.

So on and so forth, the delivery man comes often to our house.

Why not?

It's GREEN for my wallet and GREEN for the planet!