Friday, March 09, 2007

MSN and Yahoo cleaner than Google?

I've been watching my scraped content in all the search engines and just recently most of the junk sites vaporized from Yahoo and MSN yet Google is still knee deep in scraper results for my sites. Obviously this is nothing scientific yet as this is just a casual observation, but Google is getting a little butt kicking in the cleanliness of content department from where I'm sitting.

Additionally, Google is still crawling proxy sites that cloak lists of links to them like a kid in a candy store, they just love those cloaked links, so nobody seems to be interested in fixing that problem.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Deep Blue Funky Time

Ever have a week or two when you just say "fuck it" to everything?

So the blog goes unpublished for days, emails piling up unopened, voice mail flashing non-stop...

Took a mental health day and went to play some no-limit Texas Hold'em and came away with some winnings, so that was a bright spot. Had a few lunches out with a friend and pounded a few pints as well which is always good for what ails you.

Then an old friend popped into town the other day to interview for Google of all things. Ah yes, there's 2 nights of dragging my ass out to dinner. Oh the horror of it all, having to pull myself off the sofa and get dressed and engage in small talk 2 nights in a row.

What could happen to put the funk back on after snapping out of it?

You guessed it, the kid calls and she's blown her engine and of course needs Daddy to pay to get her a new engine or a new car.

Also, what should've been a bright spot was the new decked out Vista laptop which of course doesn't run all of our software and we're thinking about shoving it up Costco's ass for a refund.


Well, despite my best efforts to lay on the sofa all day again today basking in the glow of the plasma TV I managed to clean off my desk, do some web work and even post a blog entry.

Perhaps it's issues with big oppressive corporations trying to tell people how to run their businesses that makes it harder and harder to get off the sofa, who knows.

Current Mood: the world can kiss my ass