Thursday, May 31, 2007

BotNets Hosting Files On Lycos UK

Found this amusing little botnet attack for random vulnerabilities today that was pointing to as the host of their little file. - "GET //article.php?id=" "libwww-perl/5.803" - "GET //rpm-pl/php-manual-ru.html?hl= " "libwww-perl/5.803" - "GET //index.php?newlang=" "libwww-perl/5.65" - "GET //rpm-pl/php-manual-ru.html?hl="
"libwww-perl/5.65" - "GET //article.php?id=" "libwww-perl/5.65" - "GET //article.php?id=" "libwww-perl/5.79" - "GET //index.php?newlang=" "libwww-perl/5.79"

Quite amusing that the botnets are now leveraging large companies member services to do their evil bidding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bot Blocker Tracking More Than 80K Unique IPs

Lately I've been doing some analysis work on my database of IPs that I'm tracking for bad behavior and it exceeded 80K unique IPs. Many of these are from data centers, bot nets, home-based scrapers and then some, but it's a staggering number when it exceeds 80K.

People always wonder why I'm such an anti-scrape nazi but it's really not hard to see the problem when you multiply 80K IPs trying to scrape an excess of 40K pages, which is a potential for having over 3 BILLION pages scraped in the last year.

Here's the number with all the zeroes: 3,200,000,000 pages.

OK, that's really a lot of pages and there's no way I'm paying for that kind of bandwidth.

I seriously doubt they would ever hit the maximum pages but there's no way I'm unlocking the doors and let them run rampant just to find out how bad it would really get.

Here's a sample of 3 greedy fuckers that paid a visit just today: [] requested 710 pages as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; GoogleToolbar 4.0.1020.2544-big; Windows XP 5.1; MSIE 6.0.2900.2180)" [] requested 1071 pages as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)" [] requested 329 pages as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; InfoPath.1)"

They only got a couple of pages before getting nothing but garbage, but they just keep trying. Based on the location of the IPs, I'm thinking it might be compromised machines in a botnet trying to scrape from stealth locations, hard to say.

The best part is, they're now charter members of my AUTO-QUARANTINE list of IPs meaning they're blocked from accessing any pages on their next trip unless a human is at the controls, and even then, they could get locked out real fast if they aren't careful!