Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final American Airlines Flight - Never Again!

Just took 4 flights on American Airlines and I'm done, finished, never doing it again.

On the first flight out the entire cabin aisle was jammed with assholes in line for the crapper. Nobody told them to sit down and wait, there they were bouncing back and forth in the aisle bouncing off passengers sitting in the aisle. Then some crazy bitch with a hot cup of coffee joined the line holding this cup over aisle passengers heads, just waiting to boil some poor schmuck sitting under her steaming cup.

Did any flight attendant care about all this crap?

Fuck no.

The landing was no joy either. First time I've actually been in a plane that appeared to BOUNCE off the fucking runway when it landed. I was surprised that the remnants of the plane could make it to the terminal.

Now the real fun was the return trip home. We got put in some AA 757 that didn't look like it had been serviced in eons. Went to the lavatory and it was just plain vile. Nastiest shit I've ever seen on an airplane. In the row where we were seated, my seat was mangled, the velcro didn't hold the seat in place, it kept sliding out from under my ass. The seat next to mine had a fucked up cushion as well. Best yet, my wife's seat was broken and wouldn't stay in an upright position if you put any pressure on the back of the seat. Not to mention it was a full plane so we were stuck in the broken row we had.

The final landing was the best yet.

The guy in the row in front of me pulled his backpack out from under his seat and I'm stunned with what I see, a big fat cockroach clinging to his bag! When I told him about it and he tilted the bag to take a look the roach took off running, some women starting squealing, it was a real scene to behold.

Overall, I found the planes old, not well kept in the cabin, dirty and roaches pretty much says it all.

I forgot to mention on one flight all the magazines in the pouch in front of my seat were all stuck together with big gobs of chewing gum. The flight attendant took them away but never replaced them with new magazines, lazy shits.

Anyway, I won't be (willingly) doing AA again because I prefer to feel like I'm flying in an airplane, not slumming in a dirty ass rural bus in some 3rd world country.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spam and Trojans Exist Because People are STUPID!

That's right, don't blame the spammer, don't blame the guy writing the Trojan horse attachment in your email, blame yourself and your stupid friends.

Why blame yourself and your stupid friends?

Because if people weren't so fucking stupid to buy shit advertised in spam or open those fucking Trojan horse email attachments then the authors of that shit would simply go away.

That's right, all you idiots that think you're going to get millions from some asshole trying to launder money in Nigeria or wherever it is this week, if you weren't so fucking gullible to send those scammers money they'd never send a second email.

You seriously think Wal-mart is giving you a $500 gift certificate?

Think dipshit, think hard, did you ever give Wal-mart your email address?

More importantly, how many limp dicks are out there to warrant so much email about viagra and cialis?

Even more importantly, how stupid do you have to be to take pills offered from a spam that doesn't even require a doctor's prescription?

Those black market pills can kill but maybe that's a good thing because at least people buying from those spams would go away and so would the spams.

So here's the real question, what possesses idiots to open email from people they don't know and then open attachments from these same strangers?

Now let's get down to business:

DO NOT send me emails telling me not to open certain emails because I won't open your email either. Anyone stupid enough to circulate shit telling me not to open something I would never open in the first place, nor should you open, shouldn't be on my email contact list in the first place.

DO NOT warn me about the latest virus. I already know about it because I subscribe to computer security feeds to keep on top of this shit and so should you. The fact that you're emailing me about the same shit I'm getting in my security feed means you really shouldn't be in my email contact list, Linked-in, or friend in Facebook.

So repeat after me:

If you don't know the sender, put the email in the blender.

Delete, rinse and repeat.

P.S. Share this with a stupid friend, have your stupid friend share with their stupid friends, and we might end spam and Trojans in your lifetime.