Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clarifying Ignorance Regarding Racist Remarks, Regions and Ethnicity

Yesterday I got into a shouting match with someone, not so surprisingly, over a stupid comment I made which made this person show his fucking ignorance.

I made a slur against a COUNTRY and it's citizens and got called a racist!

I asked if they even knew what a fucking race was?

Initially, there were 5 races classified as follows:

  • Caucasoid race
  • Congoid race
  • Capoid race
  • Mongoloid race
  • Australoid race
This list has been further expanded into ethnic subsections but those are irrelevant to the topic of this discussion.

Let me give you a clue how insane and crazed people have become over the misuse of the word race.

If you malign the "Damn Americans" or those "Damn Canadians" nobody thinks twice about it because these countries are considered melting pots of the planet with every race imaginable inhabiting those countries.

Even the Mexican Constitution declares that Mexico is ethnically diverse with the second article defining their country to be a pluricultural nation consisting of Indigenous, Mestizo, and European peoples. International organizations usually report that 17% of the country's population is European or White., descendants of the Spanish colonial population. Additionally, there is a black population known as Afro-Mexicans.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture, Mexico is a diverse country is it not?

Therefore, how could a comment about the citizens of a country, collectively the "Damn Mexicans" be racist?


Heck, while we're on the topic, you ever get called a racist for bitching about the "Damn Catholics" or the "Damn Baptists" or even the "Damn Christians"?

Hell no.

However, if you say anything about the "Damn Muslims" you're a racist.

Muslim is a race?

I don't fucking think so, it's a RELIGION just like CHRISTIANITY and it has a multi-racial congregation that includes white, black and everything in between.

People have basically lost their fucking minds over the race word.

They don't know what race means anymore but if you say anything bad about any group of people you're a fucking racist.

Come on people, pull your heads our of your collective asses which all have little brown rings, and use the term racist properly, like when someone actually starts talking about skin color.

We may have different ethic groups, but to the best of my knowledge there is only ONE race of people left on the planet, Homo Sapiens.

Now do you know what a fucking race is?

Here's one of my favorite tales of racial and religious ignorance which is a perfect example to end this rant.

Some white lady that worked in the same building I did was standing at the lunch counter in the building deli and pulled a bottle of Snapple from the drinks and started going "See! See! My black boy friend says that circle with the K in it means that they support the Klan!". Not believing her amazing ignorance I loudly chimed in "That circle K means that Snapple is KOSHER and can be used by Kosher Jews and Muslims, look around your grocery store, many products have that circle K on it." She threw the bottle of Snapple down and bolted out of the deli all embarrassed for being an ignorant asshole.

Wake up, we're one race, the human race, get over your goddamn racist bullshit people.

More importantly, learn when to use the word properly and don't be an ignorant fuck.