Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dan Thies Lights Fire Under Google for Proxy Hijacking

I've discussed Google proxy hijacking many times before in this very blog, even joked about it.

Now Dan Thies has done an excellent post about the problem appropriately entitled "Google Proxy Hacking: How A Third Party Can Remove Your Site From Google SERPs".

Dan's post is complete with visual aids for those having trouble grasping how it works and even links to some sites with PHP code to help alleviate the problem.

Read a detailed account of just how easily it is to have the deadly combination of Google and a proxy server turn your website's ranking in Google literally upside down as you get a duplicate content penalty for your own pages, and worse!

Run, do not walk, to read Dan's post and tell all your friends as this information could save many websites from a sudden and untimely demise in Google.