Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ActiveTourist Visits Rantville

Noticed someone from ActiveTourist was reading my blog post about their dumb as dirt crawler.

Host: activetourist.free-online.co.uk
IP Address :
Country : United Kingdom
Region : England
City: London
ISP : Plusnet-dial-adsl
So being curious I checked the address of the ActiveTourist server:
PING www.activetourist.com (
What a shock, it's the same IP address, so they're running this server our of their closet.

Monday, July 31, 2006

8-bit Internet Time Machine

Here's the oddest fucking user agent I think I've ever seen:

"IE/6.01 (CP/M; 8-bit)"
Are you shitting me?

Someone is still using an 8-bit computer with CP/M and accessing the Internet with this shit?

Come on, nostalgia is one thing, but that's just fucking stupid, you must be pulling my leg.

So I did some checking to see what other occurances of similar shit has been blocked: "Nutscrape/9.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)" "IE/6.01 (CP/M; 8-bit)" "Nutscrape/1.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)" "Nutscrape/1.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)" Nutscrape/1.0 (CP/M; 8-bit) Nutscrape/9.0 (CP/M; 8-bit) Nutscrape/9.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)
Either this is someone's idea of a lame joke or there are some seriously twisted nerds out there that just won't let go of the past.