Monday, February 18, 2008

Hakia Search Engine Spotted?

Hakia has been advertising their search engine in beta for quite some time and the only thing I've ever seen from them hitting my server is the following sporadic log entries:

06/28/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
10/05/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
11/09/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
12/19/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
02/18/2008 "Mozilla/4.0+"
Whatever it is didn't ask for robots.txt.

Here's their IP range:
HAKIA INC. IP00095 (NET-204-14-209-0-1) -
Maybe someone knows more about this but I can't really find any information on them crawling and didn't notice anything on their site about them having a spider.