Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bellagio's Bland Overpriced Buffet

We've always heard the Bellagio Buffet was "OH SO GOOD" and it's always in the "TOP 10 VEGAS BUFFET" lists so we decided to try it.


Why does everyone think the Bellagio's Buffet in Vegas is so good?

Who's doing the reviewing?

80 year olds?

The Bellagio Buffet's website says:

The freshest ingredients are brought together in an exciting display of taste and talent at the superb Buffet Bellagio.
That's a shame because those ingredients could've been frozen and defrosted as far as I could tell.

The day we dined at the Bellagio they had what looked like grilled WAHOO which was completely over cooked and dry as cardboard, blech.

We like medium rare meat but the slice of leg of lamb was a tad on the raw side and was lacking in any flavor or seasoning whatsoever, leg of BLAND was a more appropriate name for this dish.

I had some of the succulent looking rotisserie chicken, true, it was succulent but lacking in any flavor other than the chicken fat oozing under the skin.

The Italian dishes and Pizza were OK and the deserts weren't too bad, but for the money they charge it wasn't worth the price of the cab ride to the Bellagio, let alone the price of the meal.

Maybe they should learn how to season their food, good grief.