Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reciprocal Link Exchange? Let's Swap!

For years I've been deleting all those emails asking me to exchange links and I won't swap links with any of that crap.

Suddenly I've had an epiphany and YES!, now I'll swap links with you, no problem!

I'm only agreeing to swap links as requested.

I'm not using NOFOLLOW on those links as requested.

You can see my links when you visit, online and visible as agreed.

Unfortunately my link swapping page will never be seen by Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine but you'll see it just fine.

I'm going to hold up my end of the bargain, we swapped links, how about you?

Kaushik, What Freaking Experiments?

I found this user agent coming out of Microsoft's Area 131 requesting that people "contact kaushik for these experiments" that kept hitting one of my servers. "contact kaushik for these experiments"
So I did a little data mining of my own and searched Microsoft and couldn't decide if this experiment was from Kaushik #1 or Kaushik #2.

Both Kaushik's appear to be working for the Data Management, Exploration and Mining Group (DMX) at Microsoft, but which one ran this experiment?

OK, will the real Kaushik running these experiments please stand up?

BTW, was your experiment finding sites running bot blockers?

If so, you succeeded and your requests were stopped. ;)

DNS Right But User Agent Wrong

Ran into a user agent from DNSRight today that claimed to be some link check tool that doesn't appear on their site. "GET / "
"" " WebBot Link Ckeck Tool. Report abuse to:"
So I ran some of their other tools that don't identify themselves at all. "GET / HTTP/1.1" "-" "-"
They host this mess at so just block 'em.
OrgName: California Regional Intranet, Inc.
NetRange: -
No more DNS Right or Left, it's now DNS Gone.