Thursday, June 30, 2011

Looking for LinkScrubber Alpha Testers!

After years of running an internal link checker that rocks, I'm taking it public!

Why LinkScrubber?

The answer was simple, the other link checkers sucked and just reported "200 OK" for many bad sites. They didn't catch domain parks, prize pages, SEO iujection hacks, soft 404 pages, so on and so forth, so it had to be written. Now LinkScrubber has a very extensive set of fingerprints for all of these sites and can detect more hidden link rot than you can imagine.

LinkScrubber doesn't have a full crawler yet, since I originally didn't need one as I was checking links stored in a database, but a crawler is coming real soon.

If you have the programming skills, the LinkScubber API is LIVE! If you want to try the API, just send an email to 'alpha' at the domains and request your DEVKEY to activate
the API. The LinkScrubber API docs and some sample PHP code are here, along with the current set of status return codes

However, if you don't program, don't despair, UPLOAD YOUR LINKS! If you run Xenu or some other link checker simply copy and paste the external link report (OBLs) into notepad and upload it to LinkScrubber, it's that simple!

Give it a try and find hidden link rot your current link checker has no clue about.

You may be shocked at what you find!