Saturday, November 07, 2009

Android Phones Make Men Better Lovers than iPhone

Women, pay attention because this blog post could change your life!

Your sex life that is.

Does your man have an iPhone or iPod?

Throw those iFuckers away and get your man an Android phone for his birthday, Christmas, or just because you want the wettest wildest screaming orgasms you've ever had.

How is this possible?

Well the Android phones have a little clitoris sized trackball on the front of the phone and as your man becomes more adept at using the trackball on the Android he'll also become more adept at using that little trackball in your panties!

After just a few short days of Android phone use your man will be able to spin, glide and flick that trackball with skills that could rival a trained Gigolo!

Now all you lusty women run out and buy your man an Android phone NOW and in a couple of days kick back with your feet in the air and wait for him to want to show off his new trackball talents.

Enjoy the Android!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Poker, Charity and Big Glands

Last year it was easy to get into Purpose Inc's 2008 Poker Tournament, you just had to pay the entry fee and they picked the charity, easy peasy, no fuss no muss, just how lazy shits like myself prefer it.

Not this year, for Purpose Inc's 2009 Poker Tournament they're making me think about stuff and blog it, then post images, links and all sorts of crazy shit, too much like work.

Considering I already have lymphoma you would think I'd pick the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as my charity, right?

Well you would be wrong because when it comes to oversized glands, I prefer massive mammory glands over enlarged lymph nodes any day of the week so I'm going to pick the National Breast Cancer Foundation as my charity.

For what's it's worth, my mom is a 30+ year survivor of breast cancer and she was treated back in the dark ages using stone knives and bear skins and they just cut everything off back then and then irradiated the shit out of everything that was left.

Very savage medicine in the 70s.

Anyway, off to Vegas to play for my charity and I better win after going through all this bullshit!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Can Open Source Topple The Microsoft Monopoly?

I've been using Microsoft Software since 1980 and this is the first time in the history of computers that I think Microsoft is in a position to be easily toppled.

Who will topple Microsoft, will it be the next big computer company with a "Windows Killer"?


It will be FREE software.

It will be OPEN software.

It's already here today, there's no waiting, you can download it all for free!

Free Desktop Software

It's called Ubuntu, which is a beautiful African word that I believe loosely translates into "Kick Microsoft's Ass".

As a matter of fact, Dell offers Ubuntu as an installation option right alongside of Windows 7 which costs extra!

Way to go Dell, they GET IT!

Ubuntu even has specific versions for Netbooks and Servers, so they GET IT too!

With Ubuntu you don't need to shell out big sweaty bags full of money to buy office productivity software, entertainment software, anti-virus, or even programming languages because it's all FREE!

Can you say it with me?


What did I say?


What do we like?


So why are you still feeding the Microsoft monopoly machine when everything you need is:


It's probably because you're just too filthy fucking rich and you can afford to give money away, right?

Mostly I'm talking about people that use computers like an appliance, that would just as easily be happy if their Tivo could browse the web and handle email.

These people using appliance computers are, in my opinion, what Ubuntu is all about.

Instead of Internet Explorer and Outlook you'll use Firefox and Thunderbird, or Chrome, you'll barely notice the difference except Firefox has lots of add-ons which are cool.

One major difference you'll notice switching to Ubuntu is the lack of MS Office's Trial which costs money to use after the trial period expires.

Instead you'll have Open Office which is FREE! and never expires and never requires an upgrade fee, what an amazing concept!

Free Mobile Software

Are you holding a MyTouch, Hero or Droid?

It has an OS called Android and is in all the hottest phones on the market.

Guess what, these phones aren't closed environments like iPhone or Windows CE and you can even program them for FREE!

None of this Windows CE proprietary bullshit, you can write in JAVA or script in PYTHON.

Getting the idea we're weaning ourselves off Microsoft?

What about computer professionals?

Some of you that are computer professionals all invested in the Microsoft landscape will come along bitching about how all these free software programs aren't so good and doesn't do everything you want.

You know what?

Most of this stuff would've been state of the art as little as 4-5 years ago, some of it even exceeds the state of the art, and the more people use the free stuff the more pressure and resources gets put on the free stuff to evolve faster.

Stop shelling money out for MSDN (mega waste) and big expensive tools like SQL Server when MySQL is FREE and using ASP.NET when you can get PHP for FREE!

You can program in C, C++, PERL, PYTHON, PHP, and so forth, and it's all FREE!

All the online documentation, support and tools, FREE!

So remind me again, why do you continue to support Microsoft?

Just because your computer came pre-installed with Windows?

Lame excuse, just pop in an Ubuntu DVD today and stop the madness!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

PayWave Credit Card Cloned - Was My Ass Scanned?

In all the years I've been using credit cards I've not had a single incidence of credit card fraud until now.

Someone actually CLONED my Visa PayWave card and was using an actual physical copy of the card last weekend in person in Illinois, which is a long way from California.

The credit card fraud department caught the activity instantly, and shipped me a new card via UPS in 2 days.

I'm very careful about who has access to my card, always give the machines a quick look to make sure the swipe slots haven't been tampered with, general common sense stuff.

I never sign the back of my card, instead in big red letters it says "CHECK CARDHOLDER ID" so that the vendor will ask to see my drivers license in the event the card is ever stolen.

90% of my credit card activity is the same thing every month with trusted vendors but it's mostly all online activity which doesn't give you all the information you need to clone the card.

Typically I spend cash in restaurants, unless I'm picking up a tab, except a couple of places that I frequent all the time and know the people so it's not much of a risk there, been going there for years.

What possibly happened?

Recently we took a little trip and I've only used the card 3 times in places never before used, which would narrow down the search criteria quite a bit.

However, remember, this is my first ever Visa PayWave card.

I did some checking...

Did you know some claim you can have your RFID card scanned from as far as 20 feet away?

The credit card companies claim you only get the RFID number, not the actual card number, so the limited exposure is only $25 maximum payments using the RFID data.

The hackers disagree claiming some technology such as Amex is more secure than others like MasterCard PayPass.

OK, if the RFID technology is so secure then why was the Discovery Channel strong armed into not airing an episode of Mythbuster's censored by the credit card companies?

The hackers claim all you need is $8 in gear and you can start collecting RFID credit cards.

Therefore, having been burned for the first time EVER with a cloned card, I think I'm going to call the bank and get a new card without this PayWave nonsense because I don't need people scanning my ass to scrape credit cards out of my wallet.

FYI, this was the only RFID card I carry so if they were scanning my ass it makes sense that this was the only card that got cloned.