Saturday, November 07, 2009

Android Phones Make Men Better Lovers than iPhone

Women, pay attention because this blog post could change your life!

Your sex life that is.

Does your man have an iPhone or iPod?

Throw those iFuckers away and get your man an Android phone for his birthday, Christmas, or just because you want the wettest wildest screaming orgasms you've ever had.

How is this possible?

Well the Android phones have a little clitoris sized trackball on the front of the phone and as your man becomes more adept at using the trackball on the Android he'll also become more adept at using that little trackball in your panties!

After just a few short days of Android phone use your man will be able to spin, glide and flick that trackball with skills that could rival a trained Gigolo!

Now all you lusty women run out and buy your man an Android phone NOW and in a couple of days kick back with your feet in the air and wait for him to want to show off his new trackball talents.

Enjoy the Android!


michael said...

well, looking at the movements, I would think that my thumb and index finger are going to get some good improvement. LOL

Have to report to you guys next month.

Anonymous said...

personally I'm waiting for the 'Penetroid' to come out...

(it can be a lot of hard work to bring a women who spends too much time playing with their own button to orgasm)