Monday, May 21, 2007

Top 10 Signs Your Website Has Made it Big

People ask me every now and then how to tell when their website has finally hit the big time.

In response, I compiled a Top Ten list of things that come to mind based on my own experience.

Top Ten Signs Your Site Has Made it Big

  1. Your site traffic is higher than you could ever imagine and you pinch yourself daily to make sure you're not dreaming.

  2. Email fills your Inbox non-stop all day long with no prayer of it all ever being answered.

  3. Other webmasters constantly pester you to swap links with their site and you already have so many quality back links you can say "No Thanks!" without even checking their site.

  4. People from around the country (world) start calling your phone number that don't comprehend the terms "9-5 PST".

  5. You don't go searching new business opportunities, they seek you out.

  6. People ask your advice for all sorts of business related topics that previously wouldn't have asked you for the time of day.

  7. Media marketing companies call you to get their ad network on your site and you can easily decline all those offers because they simply don't pay enough for your space.

  8. Everyone wants their products to be displayed on your site and you can actually negotiate a better payout than the rest of their affiliates.

  9. Hiring employees or contractors to run your website and help with your business issues is suddenly a possibility.

  10. And the top sign your site has made it big:
    You start cashing really big fat checks on a regular basis.