Monday, February 18, 2008

Hakia Search Engine Spotted?

Hakia has been advertising their search engine in beta for quite some time and the only thing I've ever seen from them hitting my server is the following sporadic log entries:

06/28/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
10/05/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
11/09/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
12/19/2007 "Mozilla/4.0+"
02/18/2008 "Mozilla/4.0+"
Whatever it is didn't ask for robots.txt.

Here's their IP range:
HAKIA INC. IP00095 (NET-204-14-209-0-1) -
Maybe someone knows more about this but I can't really find any information on them crawling and didn't notice anything on their site about them having a spider.


Anonymous said...

I think their spider is part of what they call their 'QDEX System'.

IncrediBILL said...

Whatever it is, they aren't telling us squat about it.

Anonymous said...

You know what my "sledge hammer" approach is going to be.

Let's see the end product first. I don't care what spin some pr department is going to put on what actually is happening.

Thanks for the IPs Bill.

Anonymous said...

Incredibill, sorry about the off topic post, but is there any chance you could contact me regarding this:

I would like to pay for your time in helping me with a problem we are having. I am on MSN saharony*at*hotmailDOTcom


S Douglas said...

Hi Incredibill,

can you email me at successclick (at) I need some information that I've seen you report on, it doesn't have anything to do with this post, but i couldn't find your email address - Sorry!

Anonymous said...

There is no "end product" until they've done some indexing. If no-one lets them do any indexing until they've seen the end product, then there is a catch-22.

Anonymous said...

Aaah! Crap. Bill, another "Anonymous" is exercising their short circuited grey matter. :)

Anyway ........ I just found this Goolag Scanner.

IncrediBILL said...

If you guys needs to contact me, send me a sticky mail on WebmasterWorld, I cleaned out my Inbox so I can get mail there now.

Anonymous said...

Guys i might let this one through,looks legit and they seem to have google in their sights...yeah i know dont say anything :)