Sunday, April 23, 2006

Live Servers Update

The more IPs I block from this group, they just seem to move to a new block of IPs. All are being hosted by and they just using block after block and keep on coming.

The current ranges being blocked are as follows:

These ranges never send any traffic with the exception of multiple crawlers from the same block at the same time and all IPs appear to be pointing back to a server farm so I'm recommending you just block 'em.

More IP updates on this group as they become available.


Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Fasthosts / Liveservers are one of largest webhosting companies in the United Kingdom, so it might not be fair to block all of their IP address ranges.

Have you tried to contact them ?

Alternatively, you may prefer the coincidence, that they are literally only one hop away from nearby Cheltenham, home of GCHQ, the UK partner of the US National Security Agency snoopers.

IncrediBILL said...

I've tried contacting other hosting companies about similar situations and the hosts just passed it along to the people causing the problem resulting in a shit storm of email, they were pissed I complained, and it got ugly.

No thanks, I'll just keep blocking them.

BTW, note that I'm blocking hosting servers only, not IPs of surfers.

Anonymous said...

Contact the host??? That never works.

There's no ligitimate reason for a server to be crawling (i.e., scraping) my site.

I've been blocking their IP ranges for 6 months. I also do this:

"deny from"