Monday, April 24, 2006

PicGrabAss Image Theft Technology

Some fuckers on a website far, far away have a product called PicGrabber that let's you quickly and easily crawl a website and steal every picture, movie, and any other goddamn thing that isn't bolted to the walls and nailed down to the fucking floor.

Their slogan is:

PICgrabber - The software that finds millions of free movies and free pictures for you!
And catch this "feature" list:
  • Scans the web with Keywords
  • Scans any given start URL
  • Downloads all found Images / Movies / MP3 automatically'
Shows up in your log file as:
Mozilla/PICgrabber - (
Luckily their little grand theft tool got nothing but bitch slapped with error messages.

Hey PicGrabber, try my slogan: FUCK YOU!


Anonymous said...

I'm a total noob when it comes to blocking bots and agents. This appears to be browser based, is it een possible to block this sort of thing?

IncrediBILL said...

Nah, PicGrabber you can actually stop using .htaccess if you're using Apache.

Search Google, lot's of tutorials on blocking bots in Apache or head over to WebmasterWorld and they have lots of examples.

Anonymous said...

And what a stupid bot it is too. Just found out my custom software has been feeding it 404s because it can't put together a query string properly. Now it's being fed 403s, of course.