Friday, April 13, 2007

Don Imus Joins Ranks of Unemployed

I've always hated Imus and just the sound of his voice and his idiotic bullshit made me want to smash radios.

Then those idiots over at MSNBC decided to put that stupid fucker on TV so the country could see that walking corpse spew bullshit in living color. That was the last day I ever watched MSNBC simply because it wasn't worth the risk of accidentally seeing that past-the-expiration-date walking organ donor still polluting the tube.

Now, thank the gods, he has aimed his prejudiced venom at the wrong bunch of women and not only has MSNBC gained a potential viewer when they canceled his dawn-of-the-dead carcass but CBS then followed suit and booted his old dusty ass to the curb.

Bye bye Imus, I won't miss you one fucking bit.

TIP FOR IMUS: Don't call the lady processing your unemployment claim a "nappy-headed ho" or she'll slap your ass into next week.

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Forrest said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person on Earth with a little common sense here!

Don Imus's $40 million contract has nothing to do with free speech. The man, or zombie, as you call him, is perfectly welcome to stand on the street corner, set up a soapbox, and shout to his heart's content. He just won't be paid for it.

Honestly I don't see how anyone can get all huffy over Imus's right to highly paid speech?