Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Blog - Tagged By a Boy Named Sue

Looks like old anti-spam Connie tagged me because I'm a second-rate blogger that's about as popular as a fart in an elevator, but I'll accept that tag and play the game.

So here goes with my 5 reasons why I blog:

1. Because I'd probably get kicked off most, if not all forums, for saying some of the shit I say. Therefore, the best way to truly express my opinions and not get a boot to the head was to take it elsewhere, and the blog was born.

2. If I didn't blow off some steam every now and then when things are really pissing me off, my fucking head would explode, therefore blogging is also done for medicinal purposes.

3. My wife is probably sick and tired of hearing me rant and rave about things that get under my skin so I blog them out, then she can read it once, or I might read it to her, and it's over with. The blog may actually be saving my marriage until I blog about her one too many times, or about the wrong topic, and then the shit will hit the fan for sure.

4. I actually have some useful information to pass on from time to time and the blog is as good as any place to post it.

5. Blogging about exposing, blocking and whacking scrapers and spammers pisses them off so the blog gives us a nice virtual parking lot to duke it out.

There, I've done the deed, 5 fandamntastic reasons why I blog.

Looks like I should tag 5 other people just because misery loves company:

John Andrews - because I know John dislikes following the herd
MartiniBuster - just so I can imagine him rolling his eyes at me
SpamHuntress - so she'll get off MySpace and start blogging again
John Scott - he's been so intermittently blogging someone needs to kickstart his ass
WillMac - bots make him as crazy as they do me, so he needs to share

That's all for this time and may whoever comes up with the next game of blog tag get a big swift kick in the nuts from all of us that feel dragged into this shit whether we want to play or not.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you do not understand how us "Ol Missouri Hillbillys talk".

"At this stage of the game who do I tag? All the really popular bloggers have been tagged to death IMHO. Be that as it may I tag the following".

The key here is "Be that as it may".

What I meant was I was going to tag some popular bloggers. Other than Adam (aka SEFL) The only bloggers I know I would consider popular bloggers. Adam is new to the blogging world, so he hasn't had time to become popular.

I really thought I included you among some pretty popular folk.

Chris & Gurtie

Michael Martinez

Brad Enslen


Adam Lasnik

Adam Senour (aka SEFL)

IncrediBILL said...

I see, but other than Adam Lasnik who is WAY more popular than I, just because of where he works, and SEFL, the other 3 I wouldn't know from Adam, or Adam, or SEFL for that matter.

FWIW, I know how you people from Misery talked as I grew up in KansASS on the Misery border.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,,,, I'm late... Almost missed the tag, but I've finally posted 5 Reason..... :)

Catmoves said...

This link has changed: "WillMac - bots make him as crazy as they do me, so he needs to share."
Thought you'd like to know.