Friday, December 09, 2005

FuckedCompany is Fucked

Not sure when it started going downhill but FuckedCompany, the long time dot com dead pool industry pundit web site is definitely fucked and the few remaining natives are restless. The site used to get all sorts of Internal Memos that you could read for a subscription fee but that hasn't been updated since 12/9/2004 so it's definitely past it's expiration date.

Pud moved on to his latest money grubbing efforts at AdBrite and appears to have put some second rate moron in charge of Fucked Company. Then recently the oh-so-popular and overflowing community section entitled the 'Happy Fun Slander Corner' was remodeled and all of a sudden the happy fun slander has left the corner and posting is almost non-existent. The final signs of decay is that FuckedCompany's daily page impressions and ad rates as reported by AdBrite itself show that the site traffic is in the shitter.

Damn Pud, my web site gets more traffic than that!

The straw that broke the camels back that this site has really jumped the shark is the idiotic Infect-o-matic service they're hawking on the home page. In past years this would've been used by thousands of idiots in the first day but this feature has been online about a week now since I noticed it and less than 800 people have used it at this writing.

To send up one of my old favorite web sites in style:

Has jumped the shark and the 'Thousands messages are posted daily' have dried up and blown away.
Severity: 60
Points: 160

Died of Natural Causes when someone forgot to feed it in 2005.
Points: 200
New Hall of Fame Inductee

It was fun while it lasted, good luck with AdBrite!


Chief BadSense said...

Not really related to this post, but I needed a way to contact you with this question...why do you need to review all the comments first? You curse like a fuckin sailor so obviously language won't offend you, and you have the anti-spam feature enabled on Blogger...what reason is there for comment pre-moderation?

IncrediBILL said...

Because fucking spammers are still attempting to post crap on my site to get link love and this software sucks in that you have to hunt around to find their goddamn posts.

They can take their ecommerce web site and shove it up their ass so far it gets covered in ear wax for all I care.

So moderation makes my life simple in that I can see and kill their posts with less work.

Now you know.

Chief BadSense said...

Works for me.

Blogger software sucks...I use Wordpress or Nucleus for my non-bullshit blogs (for my business).