Tuesday, December 06, 2005

San Francisco's Stupid Traffic News of the Day

It seems that a muni bus in San Francisco splattered some pedestrian that was most likely stepping out in front of traffic against the light like always. If you've ever driven in San Francisco the pedestrians are horrible and scurry all over the streets like cockroaches in a room when you switch on the lights. They don't care if they walk against the light into oncoming traffic and they have almost become hood ornaments on my car on multiple occassions by stepping off a curb while I was in mid turn or in the middle of the interesection just a few feet from running their stupid asses down.

How do the police respond, do they cite jaywalkers and people walking against the light?


The city responds by sending cops out to run around the city all day penalizing your average joe drivers today. Not that these drivers are innocent mind you, but they are a target getting tickets left and right because a city BUS DRIVER, not a car driver mind you, a BUS DRIVER turned one of their citizens into a greasy bug stain.

Give the damn scoflaw pedestrians tickets too as it takes two to make a human hood ornament, not just a driver.

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