Friday, December 09, 2005

AdSense Quantity vs AdWords Quality

The scope of the irony of Google's latest Adwords changes is slowly settling in as the AdWords advertisers are now being held up to scrutiny for quality landing pages yet the AdSense community can still post those 'quality' ads on any old crap web site.

If Google thinks "It's not a great experience." for ads to take visitors to misleading pages then how about the AdSense hucksters that do the same thing?

There are many web sites snaring unsuspecting visitors with Made for AdSense sites (MFAs) that have little or no content whatsoever and some try to mask the ads as the actual content!

Makes you really wonder why there is such a double standard with the only quality requirements being placed on the advertisers while many of the so-called publishers that are busy scraping content from other websites and spamming search engines doing more serious harm to the AdSense content network and internet advertising landscape in general than a thousand misleasing ads will ever cause.

Perhaps that quality shoe is about to drop on the AdSense community next.

We can only hope!

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