Friday, December 09, 2005

Chitika - turning page views into pennies

Started experimenting with Chitika eMiniMalls this month on a single web page with a decent amount of traffic and the results are in and it's pale compared to AdSense, not even close.

Chitika payments are obviously better than nothing but if they audit the payouts down to nothing, which AdSense doesn't do, then it's not even worth keeping on the site.

I'm rounding these numbers for ease of typing:

Chitika: $1.00
AdSense: $22.00

Chitika: $3.00
AdSense: $29.00

Chitika: $1.00
AdSense: $36.00

Chitika: $2.00
AdSense: $23.00

Guess I'll experiment with Chitika a bit more before tossing it in the circular file and see if I can get the revenue up higher as some claim it's possible.

Stay tuned for more...

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