Saturday, July 28, 2007

Keniki Has Meltdown on Matt's Blog

The comments on most blogs aren't that amusing in and of themselves until one of the blog posters goes right off the deep end and has a meltdown.

The recipient of this meltdown and flamefest is no less than good old Matt Cutts himself.

First Matt posts that he's booted someone from his blog and Keniki chimed in about dreaming of being the recipient of such action:

keniki Said,
July 20, 2007 @ 4:23 pm

I tuned in thinking it was probably me. To be honest I’d welcome it. Its not been easy seeing one of my sites ripped apart by proxy servers , scraped bowled and hijacked and it sent me into to a over the edge at times.

Matt I think you should apply the same filter to Keniki. I am probably going to quit the net anyway and you should delete my stuff, I was pretty pissed when I wrote most of it.
OK, how does one "quit the net"?

Yank the cables off the back of the computer?

Smash the wireless Centrino chip in the laptop?

Then a couple of days later Keniki goes full tilt:
keniki Said,
July 27, 2007 @ 9:31 pm

[...] FUCK that google the site also showed hidden content and deceptive redirects. It seems rules do not apply if you show google adsense, the passport of spam.
Immediately followed by:
keniki Said,
July 27, 2007 @ 9:44 pm

Its all bullshit isn’t it google, you couldn’t give a stuff about quality results its all about the money now isn’t it. Your spam team are told not to touch results that carry google ads.

Someone woke up with their knickers in a knot didn't they!

Looks like a self-fulfilling prophecy in action about having Matt delete your posts.

I must say I'm shocked that people would be so rude and vent at a company employee that actually tries to help people on his own time.

This is a prime example why most company employees don't publicly admit, not on a blog anyway, who they work for as it's just too dangerous to paint such a bullseye on your back for anyone and everyone to come and attack you just for being a small cog in a giant wheel.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this little melodrama plays out.

Anyone giving Vegas odds on whether Matt boots Keniki?


Keniki said...

"I must say I'm shocked that people would be so rude and vent at a company employee that actually tries to help people on his own time."

Any comments are not directed at Matt Cutts and google search engine quality team.I think Mr.Cutts is a great guy. Its just google that I think sucks.

Yes I think Mr.Cutts should delete Keniki the guy is full of shit.

I am not here to fight you IncredBill I respect and appreciate what you have done.

You said some things that I thought scared people off dmca but you have since corrected that.

I am going to take two weeks out. Not look at a computer not go online not get pissed and rant on Matts Blogg. Then I'll decide what to do in the future.

I did have my mind made up to leave the net for good and still thinking this way.

It wasn't really a meltdown but I thought if I am going......

Better to Burn than to fade away....


Anonymous said...

Get the fuck off my internet, Keniki.

Igor The Troll said...

Incredibill Kiss Ass loser!

IncrediBILL said...

Listen Igor you little fuck nut, I'm not a Kiss Ass just because I don't think it's cool to abuse Matt on his own blog just because he works for Google.

If I want to abuse Matt I'll do it on MY blog! :)

Keniki said...

IncredBill I can't believe what you just said to Igor. You bother me alott. I think you leak out snippetts of information and pretend to be a nice guy.

By your behaviour to Igor you clearly are not. You had a clear understanding of this before me yet pissed about and said nothing of value and I have seen nothing but attacks from you to keniki despite writing to you on webmaster world and offering free co-operation.

I am really starting to wonder who's side you are really on.......


IncrediBILL said...

LMAO - It's obviously a situation where you don't quite get my deeply rooted sarcasm.

What I said to Igor was pretty mild, friendly musings, compared to what I say to people I despise.

When I'm just playing around it will be quite apparent and I could show you some threads on my blog as examples but I like you and wouldn't want you to have nightmares.

Keniki said...


As I say I not here to fight you (right now I have no fight left in me). I do have enormous respect for what you have achieved so far in content protection and am starting to grasp just how deep this all goes.
Sarcasm I love so I'll learn when your beeing a sarcastic sod in the future.
The robots.txt script on wmw I now fully appreciate the reasons behind how neccessary that was and have adopted it as part of a protection system for sites I am trying to get done.
Yeah I was pretty much at the point of meltdown and as I said "Better to Burn Out than Fade Away".

I have since apologised to Mr.Cutts. Maybe I just need someone who can say to me "Fuck of Keniki and go Surfing for Christ Sake" if I am beeing an arse.

I am going to take another week out and go surfing, get down the pub and shoot some pool, get on the beach for some barbecue's and generally get away from the internet. But perhaps in the future we can talk in private.

One of the main things I want to do is create protection against scrapers and hijacks but preserve accessibility (so not cloak the content). I have a system that I think does this that is running now but I would like to discuss and share it with an authority in the field who could test vulnerabilities etc. and help improve it prior to open source release. And since I can't find one maybe you'll have to do - joke ;)



Igor The Troll said...

IB, I never abused Matt...
He is a great guy and gave me a platform to speak...

It is not about Mr. C so do your radar before you bark...

IncrediBILL said...

Igor, did I say *YOU* abused Matt?


Igor The Troll said...

Okay Bill...

NP give keniki a break, he is a nice guy..

IncrediBILL said...

I never said Keniki wasn't a nice guy but he lost his shit on Matt's blog.

I like Keniki, it was just an odd thing seeing him tell Google to go fuck themselves on Matt's blog.

Never bite the hand that feeds you, even if the rations are small.

That is all.

Keniki said...

Ah well incredBill that we may differ on, I like to be the tail that wags the dog, feeding or biting hands or not.


Igor The Troll said...

Bill I scolded keniki for freaking out on Matt's blog also...

If there is an issue you have to build the case and not lose your cool.

We all know what big G is about but if we go head on we will just become noise...

Keniki said...

No I needed to know if google were clean. They were.

Anonymous said...

get a life keniki, use hittail to wrote some good stuff for your site that is virtually assured to rank well. Go talk to Mike Levin on the hittail forum, he'll make you a believer.,

Anonymous said...

sorry, keniki, I just read the rest of the comments above, you've gotten a life I see, although it looks like you had less than 2 weeks off the 'net.

Still try out hittail on your sites; you'll want to remove google anal-ytics if you use it everyday.


Anonymous said...

You wasted a week of your life on this schizophrenic guy?

Anonymous said...

schizophrenic guy?

Ok who honestly can hold there hand up and not say they feel schizophrenic in this bullshit world.