Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1-More Scraper Tool

These scrapers are like locusts and here's another $19 pile of crap called 1-More Scanner that bounced off one of my sites today.

The user agent was "1-More Scanner v1.25" and it claims it can "Download images, MP3 or any file from any site!" which is an awfully big claim for something that didn't get a single page.

The only amusing part is a feature for "Proxy-support" which will just help me update my proxy list when I see it attempt to crawl via a bunch of proxy IPs, thanks for the help!


Johann said...

Where do these programs always get their five-star ratings from?

CultureKeeper said...


is there something i can buy or use for dot net? everybody is stealing my site?


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of a situation where someone used spam, bot nets, scraping, etc. to maliciously put a retail site out of business? Can you recommend people/organizations that help retail sites to overcome sabotage using these means?