Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FuckedCompany Died in June

About a year ago I reported that FuckedCompany was fucked, but it suddenly seemed to have a little more gas left in it and they started posting regularly again. However, it looks like that gas ran out as they quit updating the site on 6/8/2007 so it's probably dead for good this time.

FuckedCompany's site owner Pud, of AdBrite fame, is still posting on his blog but it appears he's given up on FuckedCompany, so I guess I'll give up on it as well.

Guess it's time to delete that bookmark.

See ya!

1 comment:

libertate said...

it was worth reading it in the begining. The information was fresh and often entertaining.

Then, it started to slide. Not just the post were getting more and more crude, the notes were less and less on-time.

A slow, and agonizing death of a post .com era relic?