Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some SEOs are as DUMB as Pet Rocks

Which is an insult to Pet Rocks.

Some of you know that one of my main websites is a niche directory that has been online since before the DOT COM boom and Yahoo was still mostly used as an adjective describing people living in the south.

Anyway, some genius SEO/Web Designer/Pinhead submitted a listing for a client to my directory today and did the following:

  • Put a bunch of keywords in the title, yes, nothing but keywords
  • Put a bunch of keywords in the description, if you can call it that
  • Put in HIS email address wrong with his company name butchered all to hell
  • Pissed me off
I swear to god my cat can hack up hairballs with higher IQs!

Come on, it's a DIRECTORY, not a SEARCH ENGINE so pull your SEO head out of your ass and act accordingly!

Is the word TITLE too complicated?

Is a simple DESCRIPTION of what's provided at the website mind blowing?

Couldn't you just cut and paste your email address without me having to mop up after you?

Showing that my IQ is above room temperature, unlike that SEO, I was able to figure out who this guy was in 2 seconds by pasting the butchered domain name on the email address into Google which ran it's "people are stupid filter" and it figured out what it was supposed to be and landed me right on the guys web site.

Quick check with WHOIS.SC popped up the same name as owning that domain that submitted the site and the IP address was geographically similar enough that I was sure it was the same person.

How do people get work for themselves when they can't even get their own email address right?

More importantly, who in the hell even types in an email address anymore with all these auto-form filling tools built right into the browser?

What a dweeb-assed shithead, I need a drink...


Lea de Groot said...

{slides a cold one down the bar}

Brian Turner said...

Yep - get those all the time. :)

Seems the Indian developers especially don't "get it".

At least folks in the US generally seem to know they need to submit their site to the USA category.