Monday, January 23, 2006

Pressure to Perform

Now I'm starting to get nervous as the pressure is on now that we're up to 5 whole readers and people actually think this blog is funny when it started out semi-serious. My wife is accusing me of using gratuitous cursing just to pander to my main audience (you both know who you are) and claims the blog will end up sillier than Scrubs or worse yet when NBC cancels me like they did Will & Grace.

Not to mention Sebastian is claiming I have tits and suddenly people looking for tranny porn are landing here via MSN which is probably a step up from the usual horse sex crowd. [side note: most of the horse sex requests are coming from the Middle East, camels aren't in vogue anymore?]

Then someone shockingly saw right thru my facade:

When reading his blog one word and one word only comes to mind, curmudgeon.
My wife understands that comment as my online game playing persona is CrankyBaztard which she claims was no accident that I picked it as my name since it was a such a natural fit.

So now I'm all nervous, to curse has become a curse, to not curse is worse.

Ah fuck it.

TIP: Asking your wife if you can "Play Moses and part the Red Sea" once a month does not work.


Sebastian said...

He he ... "throw the tits on the table" is a quote from an actor and writer --forgot the name due to Alzheimer light-- in a cute big boobed brunette's life talk show back in the 1980s, giving a nice scandal for a cpl of weeks on page three ... He and I meant "facts" of course ;)

EVO said...

You don't have five readers. You are making it up.


Linda said...

Heh! Screw the pressure and grab a cold one instead. Then just keep on doing what you're doing.

mymo said...

After reading your post I finally looked up curmudgeon in a dictionary. It doesn't seem to have the endearing quality that I thought when I wrote it, but it was intended. Keep up the good work.