Monday, January 23, 2006

Poor Kitty, Too Funny

Just about hurt myself ROTFLMAO when I saw this entry in my webstats as some poor distressed pet owner searched MSN for "if cat barfs is there something wrong" and landed on Cat Tales of Horror as the #1 result.

Tears are still running down my face, that poor person, I almost feel bad for them.

Ya know what?

Fuck it.

They should get a dog if cat barf worries them so easily as they'll soon not have a single spot anywhere in the house that isn't somewhat slightly stained by brightly colored cat vomit.

TIP: When decorating color coordinate with your brand of dry cat food.

1 comment:

T.J. said...

I han an visitor to my site today searching for "missing cats" Don't know why, but for some reason they didn't stay long after visiting my found cats page.