Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everyone's a Critic

It's not like a I run around the internet spreading filth on other people's forums as they'd boot my ass off except on threadwatch which is a bit liberal when it comes to the four letter words. Besides, it would be just rude to misbehave on other people's websites, or at least I wouldn't do it using a traceable name and IP, I'm not THAT self-destructive. So this is my version of my "Fortress of Solitude" where I can go off on a tangent on anything I damn well please.

Now the critics are coming out in droves [ok, 2 or 3 critics] questioning my content and how I express myself. Let me say that although I do get some sort of perverse pleasure from those types of disapproving comments that's not what this site is all about as I'm not trying to shock anyone, well not too much anyway, ok maybe I try to cause a mild stroke or an occassional headache but really I mean you no harm.

When I initially started this blog I thought I would just do nothing except write clean little helpful technical articles, maybe even slap AdSense on it, and then the evil side raised it's ugly head. I haven't really seen the evil side in a long time since I ran a BBS back in the 80's, drew cartoons, and wrote all sorts of funny as hell but damning things. It crossed my mind to start up a second blog and let the evil side run rampant in it's own little safe haven and not poison the well of my good intentioned technical posts but that never happened.

Maybe it was procrastination or perhaps the need to finally integrate the good with the evil that overcame me and it was time to resolve my split online persona and I said [bet you can guess this one] "FUCK IT!" and the blog went south and never came back.

You have to understand that I'm a guy and I like to do guy things and have guy type conversations but I'm sitting at home working 24/7 with just my wife to discuss things most of the time. She's actually pretty liberal about most topics, way more so than those girly girls and metrosexual men, but there are just times when I cross that line from what she'll tolerate as a conversation and I get the "Save this one for your friends!" quip. That leaves me in a pent up state worse than a teenager in the back seat of a car with a date that won't put out.

Since this is my Fortress of Solitude there will be times that I might just scratch my balls in public and if I happen to offend someone I'm horribly sorry but the political correctness filter has left the building.

You have been warned and thanks for visiting ;)

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