Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Link Bait Manager

Well if you have to have an almost decent excuse to crawl my website all to hell it might as well be under the guise of being a reciprocal LinksManager which at least has some value.

Unfortunately, my web site is a directory with many thousands of pages and after observing their little bot fruitlessly flounder trying to find that reciprocal link it was obvious nothing good was going to come out of this so I blocked it.

If you really want to check links on my site I'd be more than happy to give you an XML API to do so but you'll crawl hundreds or thousands of pages looking for a single link over my dead body.

Buh bye LinksManager.com_bot, buh bye.

FYI, if you want to see a really nice but incomplete [didn't have this one] list of bots check out the database on

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