Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spammers Succeed Elsewhere but WHY?

Went looking for other sites potentially hit with the same spam garbage that my site kicked out and was shocked at just how vulernerable all these sites were.

Come on people, these spammers were trying to submit their garbage via an HTTP GET instead of a POST command so it's obvious there are some real shitty programmers out there just letting any old crap get submitted any way it can. Guess I never realized just how bad blog spam is as most places I frequent are pretty clean. However, what I saw today after reviewing a bunch of sites hit by the idiots knocking on my door is that most of the blame can be placed on shitty programming and poor validation techniques.

Case in point is this article "Some Things I Learned in 18 Years of Programming" and apparently in all those years form validation and anti-spamming techniques weren't in the list. Scroll down the page and you'll see what I mean, a real belly laugh if it wasn't so sad in the first place.

More blame could be put on the spammers but it's like locks, doors and theives. If you don't lock your doors and they loot your house then you get what you deserve for being complacent. Remove easy access simply by locking the door or installing a security system and the lazy opportunists give up quickly. That only leaves you to contend with the more sophisticated spammers but unlike bandits putting guns to your head, spammers are a usually a little easier to stop especially the greedy ones, without taking a bullet to the head.

Oh well, not my problem with the exception that the idiots running wide open spamware encourage the little fuckers to attempt it on my site.

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