Wednesday, January 25, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Suspended in Gravy

Looks like the AdWords team doesn't have a sense of humor and missed the whole point of my most popular nonsense ad running on a nonsense search term.

Your disapproved ad:

Makes It's Own Gravy
Seriously, what kind of ads did
you expect on gibberish searches?
Ad Status: Suspended - Pending Revision
Ad Issue(s): Unclear/Inaccurate Ad Text

Interesting as I thought the satire was pretty clear but perhaps they couldn't get my web site to "Make It's Own Gravy" or maybe they took offense to being called a "gibberish search"?

FWIW, I guess Google really isn't in the AdWords game just to make money as that ad was the top earner racking up 1/3 of all the money I spent on that idiotic ad campaign!

Oh well, one down, 5 to go.

P.S. For you pundits out there I'm still on the fence about whether that whole ad campaign was my way of lampooning the contest or just a desperate cry for attention, you decide.


EVO said...

I opt for the despartate need for attention, but that's just me.


EVO said...

should have speel checked, eh?


thebear said...

Bill maybe they don't want any trouble from the Gravy Train folk.