Sunday, January 22, 2006

Copyright Crawlers? Get the gun!

The boatload of irrational 404 errors showing up in my web stats suddenly makes a lot of sense as my spider trap snared some asshole today bombarding my server with a shitload of requests for pages that don't exist.

Well guess what?

It appears the crawler was looking for any stolen copyrighted pages and abusing my server in the process.

Who gives these copyright protection services and tools the right to fucking attack my server requesting 100s of pages a minute and suck up my bandwidth dumping 404 pages?

Now that you can't scan my site maybe I'll just locate some of the pages you were trying to find, steal the damn things, and put a big FUCK YOU on the top of each of those pages.

Not like you'll ever see it but everyone else can laugh their asses off.


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