Sunday, January 22, 2006

Block this Server Side Browser

Here's a real winner that must have a page of links somewhere that spiders crawl via their proxy server as it was looking like an attempted page hijacking in Google when it was discovered.

These slimeballs download your site via the proxy server, strip your javascript so the frame busters don't work, and slaps their ads for pecker pills on the top of the page.

Ran into a similar site from China last year but they were embedding AdSense into the page and Google took care of them in short order.

Currently you can block them both via IP and the referrer as their proxy isn't terribly clever yet and leaves their domain name in the referrer string.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bill that party has an adult sex shop sitting on .218

Looks like this might be a PPC operation, at least PP from what I've seen so far.

Oh and he has a directory of fully sponsored listings.

I suspect he has several other irons in the fire as well.