Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Local Radio is Dead

Now that I've had a Sirius Satellite Radio for a couple of weeks I'm hooked.

Normally when I'm driving around in the car I'm sitting there punching one button after another looking for music in a sea of commercials or looking for some talk radio worth a shit and find nothing. Prior to Sirius my little Zen Micro had become my default music player in the car so at least I could listen to something I wanted to hear and pay attention to my driving instead of the non-stop button pushing.

Heck, now I'm listening to more radio than I have in many years as we just got the home docking station so it's Sirius in the car, home and office, it's on a LOT.

Thanks to Howard taking us kicking and screaming into a subsciption radio service as I'd SIRIUS-ly be missing out on the radio revolution if I hadn't made this switch.

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