Thursday, January 19, 2006

So Many Rants, So Little Time

Yesterday I was all riled on up on a bazillion topics and instead of ranting all day decided "Fuck It!" and worked on my websites instead - not like you fuckers pay the bills.

Brief synopsis:

Gov't wants Google Searches:
They just want to know what we're searching for, not who's doing it, but as I see it as the government is stepping over their boundaries and Google is vying for martyrdom by turning them down. Sorry, but I don't see the church annointing St. Google anytime soon so if it doesn't contain personal information like IPs and such just turn it over Google you link baiting media hounds.

GoDaddy Shuts Down Websites:
Any moron that hosts with GoDaddy and can't abide by the terms of service gets what they fucking deserve so stop whining already, it's getting old.

German Judge Shuts Down
Parents didn't want their son's name in the Wikipedia so they sue and now it's in 10,000 blogs instead just because some Oktoberfest liver transplant candidate masquerading as a German Judge doesn't know shit about the internet - PRICELESS

Last But Not Least:
Don't expect to get laid the rest of the week when your wife overhears you washing your hands at the sink muttering comments about "pussy fingers"

Until tomorrow...

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